10 things that every man should know about how to wear a suit

Make the most of your visit to the tailor and discover 10 essential tips to make your costume perfect.

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Wearing a suit can be a real marvel but also the biggest disaster, especially for those men who are not used to using it. But here we are to give you 10 essential keys so that not only costume views, but to do so is a pleasure.

Give your suit a break

Would not it be nice to go to work one day out of three? I do not think that this work schedule has been approved yet in Finland, but it is the first advice that we are going to give you so that your suit is perfect: let it rest. The idea is to give it two days between each use. In this way, you will get the fabric of the knee or elbows to relax, stretch and return to its original position. It also prevents wear at other pressure points and will last you much longer.

In the interwoven is the secret

The tradition is imposed and whenever you can bet on full-canvas or half-canvas, ie, structured with interior canvas as has been done all life. The natural fibers of the canvas are breathable and easily returns to its original state after use and washing. The other option is the suits with adhesive or fused very common in the low-cost stores (without looking at anybody) and in the more sporty ones. Over time these suits lose their shape and tissue loses luster. To get out of the way is not a bad option but if you are looking for an investment for a lifetime, better look for suits with interlining.

The Golden rule

You have heard it on more occasions but we repeat it because it is BASIC: make sure that the fist of the jacket is between the palm of the hand and the bone of the wrist. The length of the trousers, in the most classic option, “kisses” the upper part of the shoe without interruption … although in recent years higher cuts are allowed that shows the new sock designs.

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Choose the right fabric

Just as you do not wear the feathers in full August in Madrid or you go with a tank top in February in Soria, the fabric of the suits also have their seasons. Linen, cotton and cold wool for summer; cashmere, tweed, and merino for invests

The exact length

Tall, short, narrow, wide, in shape, fofisanos … everyone has his right jacket and for this the intervention of the tailor becomes basic. The American must completely cover your butt. Short jackets do not favor anyone, even very thin men. A full-length jacket with a cut (or two) at the waist is the most classic option and certainly the one that feels the best.

Is the cuff of the shirt taught?

Yes, but not all the manga. It shows one or two centimeters as if it were a border, and when the sleeve is doubled the twins are shown and even there.

My tailor is rich … in ideas

In case of doubt, a tailored suit is always the solution. Here we have two options: made-to-measure is a suit already made that a tailor adapts to your physiognomy; the other option, more expensive but also more personalized is bespoke , where each of the pieces is cut to your size so that your suit is unique (like you).

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Choose the right shoes

The old rules, here, are a little outdated and nothing happens to wear a suit with sneakers (better not too thick) or with boots like Chelsea (with a touch rocker). If you do not want to get involved, loafers, derbies, oxfords or shoes with buckles are always a hit.

Understand your physiognomy when choosing the style

Cross suits are a trend but not all men can wear them. The double-buttoned blazers are especially good for slender people, that is, tall and thin. For the corpulent men, the simple suits are better, since they lighten the trunk and show more vertical lines.

The right accessories

Less is more and the suit you already saw enough to fill it with accessories. We love three-piece suits with vests but if they are worn, do not resort to tie clips, handkerchief in the pocket of the jacket and eye-catching cufflinks or it will be an excess. Remember: the number three has a certain magic.

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