Can You Wear A Tie Casually?

 It is no news that neckties are the “icing on the cake” when it comes to formal wear. It is what gives any outfit the complete look of formal attire. However, wearing a tie doesn’t mean that it has to come with so much formality attached to it. There are a whole lot of ways you can casually wear a necktie to smarten up a semi-casual and not so formal wear without looking out of place. As long as it is worn and styled properly, the look can easily be pulled off.

Here are a couple of ways you can wear a tie casually;


Wearing a cute tie with your denim shirt is both sophisticated and rugged as it works every time it is worn. You can decide to roll up the sleeves (if it’s a long sleeved denim shirt) or rock it with its long sleeves. The best colour combination to nail this look is using a dark/navy blue denim shirt with a grey or black skinny tie. This look can be completed with some nice Oxford shoes or even loafers. It works well any day.

 Bow Tie

Although some men think bow ties are casual, fashion enthusiasts disagree. In fact, they are as formal as the simple long neck ties. When you want to rock a bow  tie casually, a simple shirt must be worn with it. It should be a fitted or short sleeved shirt because they will look great in the pants, jeans or trousers you intend to wear. You could also get a nice pair of socks to finish up the look, preferably the socks could be the same colour as the tie. If you would use a patterned bow tie like one with a polka dot design, it is best to wear a plain colored shirt.

 Pair With A Cardigan

We all know the blazer is the classic way of giving the tie a V-shape, but did you also know a cardigan can do the same thing? Try wearing a formal shirt with a tie and blazer on top of it. The look is more relaxed, vintage and laid back. With the choice of a cardigan, you can always rock a formal tie casually, especially when it is paired with black or blue jeans and nice moccasins to go with. Remember to always go with a plain colored cardigan, rather than one with too many prints, designs and patterns. This would make the look less clumsy.

Some ties work perfectly in achieveling a causal and relaxed look, however, the goal of looking sophisticated shouldn’t be put aside. One tip here is to wear a lighter colored shirt without pattern or stripes. The difference in tones maintains the elegance and uniformity. At the end of the day, it all depends on what looks good in you and what you are comfortable with. If it means you should wear a tie on a shirt and chinos, go for it!


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