Learn to choose the perfect outfit for you in five steps

How to choose a perfect suit for you? The experts of Morera Grosso share these tips that you should consider in your next purchase. Do not be afraid to add your personal stamp.

1. Make it to sure.  The main advice is without a doubt to choose it for you. This type of suit favors your  physical attributes and reflects personal style. A large one can feel comfortable, but it does not favor your figure. Consider that the measure does not mean tight, but quite the opposite: it should feel light, especially if it is made by a master craftsman.

2. Spend more on less clothes. Many times this advice is linked to what we want to invest. You must spend more money on less garments, remember that quality is always above quantity. Fabrics are an essential part when choosing a suit, remember that it is considered a good quality if it is formed between 100 and 150 threads, although there are establishments that handle up to 200 maintaining a unique smoothness.

3. Choose fashion timelessness. The trends are momentary, if they do not go with you, do not follow them. Your costume is your style and it is important that you choose the one that best suits your preferences. For example, a traditional English cut, or an Italian cut jacket with more marked shoulder pads, could be indispensable in your wardrobe.

4. Project excellence. Always choose a suit thinking about dressing as if you had an event in the afternoon, because eventually it, could happen, and when it happens, you will make a very good impression. In a word: excellence will be your signature regardless of the occasion.

5. The subtle is synonymous with good taste. To maintain elegance it is important not to exaggerate with the use of patterns in the fabrics, nor to dress with striking or saturated contrasts. This also applies to accessories, because a subtle look will always be synonymous with good taste and distinction.

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